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'graphic products and expressions based on manual labour'


Graphic Design

For every form of communication, as a graphic design duo we translate your problem into a strong design. 
We complement each other with our shared knowledge and expertise. The visual development of your ideas is what makes us happy, by linking authentic craftsmanship and modern techniques we realize a unique design with character. We pay attention to detail and look for a good, functional relationship with the desired goal. We make the entire design process...

For example Logo & Visual Identity, Web design, Illustrations, Visual Communication and Concept Development.

Communication and Wall Paintings

Communicate to your target group in a desired way. A painting based on special techniques, paint and brushes creates a unique interaction with the passer-by. Through this way of communicating you put your brand, company or service in a distinctive way in the market. In addition to a communicating function, our paintings can also have a decorative purpose. Paintings can be applied to different sizes and various substrates for inside and outside.

For example Facade & Window Paintings, Shop Windows, Pavement Signs, Décor & Festival Paintings and Clothing (Leather & Denim).

Printing and Packaging

In addition to designing various media expressions, we are driven in the production of printing and packaging. With our expertise in DTP we have the practical knowledge that is needed in the realization of printed materials, armed with the knowledge of techniques and materials we know what the possibilities are for creating a complete product. With this service we take all the worries off your hands: We use offset printing, sieve, linoleum printing and digital printing.

For example Posters & Flyers, Book Covers, Brochures, Birth Announcements & Wedding Cards, Gifts, Packaging and Labels.

Full-store Concepts

The corporate identity of an organization or company plays an important role in communicating to the outside world. With a full-store concept, all our knowledge comes together: from graphic design, printing to our handmade murals. We use this knowledge to set the personality of a company or brand on the basis of the core values ‚Äč‚Äčthat make your company unique. The strength of a full-service concept is that the entire and physical digital environment radiates a feeling towards the target group.

Think about Restaurants, Pop-up stores, Festivals.

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