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We are Spek&Jerry’s Graphic Craftsmen, Ivar Spek & Jerry Ronda based in Amsterdam. As a graphic duo we help entrepreneurs to visualize their ideas in graphic designs with character. We mainly design by hand. With love, we give shape to the smallest details in logos, illustrations, facade lettering, wall and window paintings and more...

Our emphasis as Graphic Craftsmen is graphic design as they used to do in the past; with manual effort and attention to product and process. We are happy to honour this ambition for quality. Designing by hand is what gives us as creatives the direction to impart the character that makes a design wonder in its environment. This is what we're proud of!

We know all that is required when designing an online visual identity and also translate this into the physical environment of, for example, an office or shop premises through visual communication & murals.

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The start...

When we were just teenagers we already were interested in and inspired by Graffiti – this is the origin of our love for painting and design. In 2012 our paths crossed when we were both studying graphical design and  brought our passion for letters, composition and the creative profession to a higher level. Our shared passion has led us to motivate and complement each other with knowledge and skills. In 2017, we became team Spek&Jerry’s and we are lucky enough to be able to work with a variety of clients.

Graphic Craftsmenship
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They deliver good service, listen good and come up with useful input voor new ideas. 
Besides that they present their self in a unique and professional way thats suits the creative industry.

Britt Reurekas (Personal Assistance founder Thijs van der Heide)

Living Roots

Im very pleased with the end result! Spek&Jerry's painted our windows with the new designed logo & illustrations. 
We received plenty of positive comments! We noticed a clear difference in the communication towards the client. 
People are understanding and noticing what we've got to offer and reading it off the windows.

Lisa Brandjes (Eigenaar)

Hof voor Wonen

Clear communication, room for consultation. Creative ideas that I would not have thought of myself.
Stay well informed during the process.For me as a self-employed freelancer it is very nice that they think of the points I had not thought of.
Very proud of my logo!

Marianne Verflieren (Owner)

MUS Conceptstore

Spek&Jerry's painted the windows of my store front located in Utrecht. It's supercool what they did, truly craftsmanship. I'm overwhelmed with positive reactions from customers, the store became more appealing! Thank you!!

Merel Hofhuis (Owner)

Logopedie Westrand

We’ve got a beautiful wallpainting made by Spek&Jerry's
It suits our company colors and its exactly what we’ve had in mind.
Very pleased with the result and customer service!


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