The graphic craftsmanship

Graphic online and offline communication for entrepreneurs with attention for their product or service.
Within the Graphic Craftsmanship the emphasis is on the realization of graphic design as they used to do;
With manual work and attention to product and process. We are proud to honor this ambition for quality.

Graphic design - Murals - Lettering & Facade advertising - Live painting

Graphic design

Turning your ideas into a design with character, giving your company a face. Every entrepreneur has something unique that we translate into your visual presentation to strengthen who you are. With our expertise in the field of printing, techniques and materials, we know how to make your design stand out. We give shape to the smallest details in;

- Logos & corporate identities, Webdesign
- Personal fonts.
- Illustrations, book covers
- Packaging & Labels, ink stamps
- Birth, wedding & Anniversary cards and Business gifts.

Have we visually translated your idea into a design and would you like to see its spirit reflected in the physical environment of your company? Check out communication paintings & Murals down below.

Graphic Design
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Communication paintings & murals

The way to stand out! A painting based on special techniques, paints and brushes gives your brand or company the striking character that makes people wonder. We paint your message in a traditional way on any surface such as stone, glass, wood, leather, denim. We paint on facades, windows, walls, sidewalk signs, custom products & promotional gifts.

Window paintings give atmosphere and can be used to present a product or collection in an interactive way within a shop window. Window paintings can be used both permanently or temporarily.

Murals reinforce your brand identity and offer an experience to those who visit your business space. A mural can be used to reinforce your house style, to convey a message or to accentuate the interior.

Facade & sidewalk signs show who you are and what you can do for your target group. It is the first thing one sees when you walk down the street. The originality and identity of the sign form the character that stimulates people to walk in. We design and realize hand-made façade signs that stand out in the streets.

Communicate your message to a larger audience 
on social media with a video that captures the realization of it on screen.


- For indoor and outdoor
- Different surfaces; wood, stone, glass, denim, leather
- Weathered "vintage" appearance on wood & stone
- Gold leaf (23 carat)
- Temporary painting; highlight new collection or clearance sale.
- Live on location (Workshop, Event, Fairs)
- Large murals, We are certified in working with a platform.

What can a painting do for you?

- Let people wonder, interact with passers-by
- Qualitative presentation
- Provides character and atmosphere
- Striking in the streets
- Unique addition to the interior
- Good content for social media
- Continues to look beautiful for years

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Lettering & façade advertising
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Live Painting
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