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BB Capital investments

The wallpainting at BB Capital investments, located at “De Haagsche Zwaan” The Hague.
They wished to have a wallpainting that would address their office and formed a unity with their interior. 

The painting informs in a decorative way wherefore the two B’s from BB Capital stand for (Buy&Build.) BB Capital is located on the sixteenth floor inside the building, meaning they have a clear overview over the skyline from The Hague. This skyline formed the concept for the wallpainting and has been brought inside in a graphic way. The letter “B” from Build is being lifted by a crane translating the growth BB Capital is able to realize for their partners. For the chosen color scheme we implemented a color palatte that suits their interior walls and colors who are complimentary to it. The result from this is visually pleasing and becomes one with the office interior.