Promotional gift - The Rent Company

BB Capital Investments asked us whether we could design a promotional gift for its partner; The Rent Company. They required for a wall panel that could easily be moved to their new headquarters in the event of a relocation.

The Rent Company enables digital learning for students in secondary education by setting a low threshold for their Easy4u All-in-One subscription.

While creating the design, we brought digital and learning together; Digital Education for Every Student. In order to realize an extraordinary gift that stands out, we chose to use an old mirror. This made us think outside the box - the entire design is sloping and thus forms a whole with the elegant frame. The mathematical diamonds with increasing statistics represent the growth of The Rent Company (this is the growth that BB Capital Investments realizes for its customers) In this digital age, textbooks have been simplified into an easy learning tool: laptops. The mouse symbolizes the connection between The Rent Company & BB Capital. The reflective effect has been retained through cut-out parts in the design so that the viewer can see himself in a lease plan of Easy4U.

Earlier we created a mural in the office of BB Capital. You can view this mural here.

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